Railroad Equipment / Services

Tie Plate Distribution Truck
This truck requires a 3 man team to lay out tie plates. 1 operator and 2 laborers.

Our roller conveyor buggies can lay out plates in the center of the gauge, on both heads of the ties, or on just one head of the tie.
Tie spacing can be a hurdle when it comes to accurate plate distribution but with our machine we can quickly and easily adjust the releasing of the plate, making our plate counts match up almost perfectly to the ties.

We can load about 1,200 plates from the ground or gon in the bed of our truck to have stored and ready for track time availability. Also we can also load plates while out on the tracks if the piles of plates are already staged.

All of our equipment is late model being 2010 and newer, this is a huge advantage when downtime comes into play. We have experienced crews that know how to overcome mechanical breakdowns to keep the trucks working. Also having like new equipment our breakdowns are few and far between. We also have a service truck available to offer 24 hour support.
We have a large fleet of Tie Plate Distribution Trucks to accommodate any size project that you may have.

High Production Distribution Truck
This process uses our plate truck being coupled to a train gon or gons with plates. We can take and set up our excavator on top of the car. The excavator will unload the plates onto a conveyor system set up over the cab of the truck to load the plates into the bed of the truck. This will allow for continuous tie plate distribution without the need to stop and load or tram for plates. This operation does require power to pull the operation.

Material Truck
We have custom build beds on our trucks that are built to a heavy duty standard.  We have Serco 8500 cranes with a continuous rotation super grip grapple. Our magnet system is a 30” Moley Magnet 12/24 volt system. An emergency kill switch is located in the crow’s nest. An air brake control is located in the crow’s nest. Our trucks also come with our self-propelled system to drive the truck from the crow’s nest. We have adjustable slide posts for hauling taller loads as well as adjustable racks on the front and rear headache racks for hauling rail.