B&B Metals has been a growing company from the ground up over the last 26 years. Our ability to adapt to the changing needs of the railroad is what has allowed us to continually grow each year. We have are driven by a standard for production, safety, and customer service.

Starting out in the scrap industry we learned much about how the railroad operated and where it could be improved. Noticing the long back straining hours it took to lay out tie plates by hand with an overwhelming amount of man power we knew they had to be a more productive, cost effective, and safer way to accomplish the same job.

This is where the company shifted gears and began to service a new market within the railroad. Bill Coots patented the first machine of its kind to distribute tie plates with less labor, more production, and lower cost in 2002. Thus changing the way tie plates were dispersed ever since.

We have never become complacent in our designs however; we have always continued to strive for a better product. With us being the first company to distribute tie plates we had to overcome hurdles and bumps along the way. This allowed us to learn from our failures to come up with ideas on how to make our product even more effective and even more user friendly. The experience we have gained to better service the railroads over the years is what keeps us on top as the fastest, cost effective, and safest tie plate distributors in the world even still today.

Bill Coots holds over a dozen US and Canadian patents that have helped this company to keep innovating into the future. He created a self-propelling system so that the operator can drive the truck from the crow’s nest of the crane while on the rail saving time and money for efficiency while on track.

B&B Metals is a company that has used its short comings to breed success. We never stop trying to look to the future on how we can provide better service and improve upon the advancements that we have brought forth yesterday or today. Innovation is a key to success as is a hard work ethic and we possess both.